Saturday, 19 December 2015

Home - Of Mistletoe birds.

It's 35 degrees with a Northerly. Total fire ban. The grass is tinder dry and spears unsuspecting feet.  The Creek. I am home.

I've just taken my old dog up to the dam for a swim. He is blinder and deafer, sleeps more, but is still keen to chase the ball and walk in the bush. He lays in the shade, eyes alert, hoping that I'll pick up the ball and play.

When I got home, Pete showed me the chair on the back deck. A Mistletoe bird had been visiting. I've never seen one do this to a chair before.

Christmas decoration. An ending and a beginning. A gift of seeds.I wonder if they'll grow.

To all my friends, to my family, and especially to Alex, Harriet, Barnaby, Laura, Brett, Jackson, Lucas, Nancy, Stefan, Gareth, Nathan and everyone on a trail. Have a safe and happy Christmas. Hope the weather is kind - I know some people that may be able to help with that.

Pigeon xx


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