Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 39 (Dec 9) To National Park

We visited the Redwood Forest  on our way out of Rotorua. It was my third visit, but it really is a very special place and I was happy to spend some more time among the elders in this forest.

It turned out to be a lovely blue sky day and the driving was easy. We stopped at a look out over Taupo and could see the snow on the mountains at Tongariro. Good opportunity for me to stir Majella about throwing her thermals away.

Got to Howard's Lodge and passed inspection for the crossing in the morning- suitable shoes - check; raincoat - check;  seem to have a remote dose of common sense - check!

An air raid siren put the wind up us not long after we had arrived. Thermal event? Eruption? Seek shelter from volcanic ash?

Nobody came to make sure we were leaving the building and we could find no one to ask - maybe they were already in the bunker!'

Couldn't see anything that would indicate people fleeing for their lives so we settled down and then it happened again! Finally found a person to ask who told us that it was for the emergency volunteers to call them in and was usually in response to a car accident or fire.

Weather forecast is still the same. Morning cloud, some sunny periods, clouding over again with winds picking in the evening. Cloud in the morning would be nice as it would be cooler for us when we hit the stairs. If it cleared when we got to the ridge line that would be awesome and we should be well and truly down by the time the weather came in again.

 Forecast isn't too bad really. Majella said to just talk to my weather gods, they will sought it for us.

Pigeon xx

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