Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 32 (2 Dec) Mercer to Hamilton (TA 801)

Majella said she definitely can't walk anymore, she's broken, so plan was to ask the hotel people about options to get to Hamilton. The Office was still closed so we went over to the Mobile Service Centre to grab a coffee and some breakfast. I asked the girl behind the counter if she new of any public transport or other way to get to Hamilton. She knew buses stopped at the Service Centre but wasn't sure whether they did pick ups. She offered to have a look on her computer for us and found a bus company that actually picked up from Mercer- hooray! They had a service leaving at 1:30pm  - double Hooray! We'd be in Hamilton at about 2:30pm - copious Hoorays! An hours bus drive versus 3days hiking. A few rest days for Majella and then we'll see.

Pigeon xx