Sunday, 6 December 2015

Day 34 - Hamilton to Juno Backpackers, Waitomo (TA 896)

Easy drive to Waitomo today, checked into Juno and collected my box. We certainly have plenty of dehydrated meals to last us a little while!  We managed to get our selves on an afternoon Glow Worm tour with Spellbound. Dry tour so no tubing for me, but it was still interesting and the glow worms were pretty cool. They eat Mosquitos and other flying insects and respond to vibration. Manau, our guide, hit the back of the raft with his paddle and the hundreds of glow worms we could see turned into thousands - like a dozen milky ways.  It was like floating in space.

Headed off to Te Kuiti to get some groceries when we got back, we had literally just put the stuff in the fridge, when I was walking over to the table when I hear 'Leslie?' I looked up and there was Nathan! It was awesome to see him.  He was only there for a moment as he had a lift waiting and had just come to get some shoes he had sent through. A couple of minutes either way and we would have missed each other. He was heading to Te Kuiti, as Juno was full,  but hopefully I might get to have a better catch up tomorrow as he is coming back in the morning to walk the Waitomo Te Kuiti section without a full pack.

Pigeon xx


  1. What are those stringy things hanging from the ceiling of the cave? Are they the worms themselves??

    1. Not quite - they hang a sticky thread to catch prey - that's what you can see in the photo.