Wednesday, 2 December 2015

.Day 27 Auckland City to Ambury Park (TA 613) about 23 km

A lot of people miss the Auckland leg, but I loved the Coast to Coast walk which took us through lovely park grounds, including Cornwall Park with its sheep right in the centre of the city and to the top of Mount Eden for the city views. We finished off with a walk around Onehunga Bay to Ambury Park where we were camping for the night. Ambury Park is a working farm and was a super cool place to stay the night. Lots of animals including two magnificent Clydesdales and some extra cute, if a wee bit iffy, piglets.
It's raining as I write this and is meant to rain most of tomorrow. At least we will be cooler. We both got a bit sunburnt and overheated today. Top marks to Majella though - long day 1 for her and a bit of a struggle at the end.

I went for a bit of a wind down stroll after we had set up and came back to her kneeling down with a very stern look on her face. I asked her what she was doing. 'Being ruthless' she said . She had piles of stuff out trying to work out what she could send home. I had tried to get her to be ruthless yesterday without much success. I told her I'd start with the pyjamas!

Pigeon xx

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