Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 40 - Tongariro Crossing - back on the Trail for a bit (around 19km)

Woke to cloud which was as we expected. Got ready and headed over to breakfast. Ms Gloom and Doom from England was there  'Looks like we picked the wrong day, ' she says.
'The weather forecast says it will clear later in the day' I reply.
'Right when we're nearly back' says Ms Gloom and Doom.
'Well walk slower,' I say.
'I'm actually not worried about the views, I'm just doing it for the walk'
'Well at least you won't get sunburnt then'.
Got my toast and left Ms Gloom and Doom to be miserable on her own.

Despite Ms Gloom and Doom's fears, it turned out to be a picture perfect day, if a little blow-you-off-the- mountain windy across the top. Weather Gods came through again! The Devil's staircase was really a doddle compared to some of the other climbs we had done so Majella rocked it in. The walk out was harder on us though. The descent was over 12km long and my right leg was over it by the end.

We saw a couple of TA hikers coming the other way, including Brett, who I had come across before. I didn't envy them having to climb up our descent with full packs - not one single bit.

Awesome day.

Pigeon xx

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