Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 28 Ambury Park to Manakau Top 10 (TA 639.5) -26km

Didn't sleep that well last night. My tent is so noisy and the rain sounded like a percussion session all night. When it wasn't raining the moon came out which made my body think it was morning so I kept checking my watch only to find it was 2:30am or some other ridiculous time.

There was a break in the weather at about 5:30am so I started packing up. I could here movement from Gel so I suggested we pack up and head over to the Ambury Park Centre, find a verandah and cook our breakfast out of the rain. It didn't take too long to get our stuff together and the rain held off which was a bonus.

After breakfast we picked up the trail and followed it along the shoreline for about 8km. Just before we headed back onto the road we came to a galvenised gate. The notes and GPS said we were meant to go through it. The lock and the way it was wired up said 'no entry'.  The signage was also unclear so we kept going a little way along the path before it petered out. Back to the gate and climbed over - easy walk along the grass path to the road. Have no idea why it was wired shut!

Road section for a few kms before we stopped at a shopping centre. Majella had had enough of her 'stuff' and dumped a pile in the bin and sent a few more things home.  We bought ourselves a drink and it was getting a bit chilly so I put my hoody on. Majella decided that her green cardy, recently thrown in the bin, was just what she needed so she went fishing under the Happy Meals for the bag she had thrown out. Being a good friend, I helpfully took photos of the retrieval. Soo funny!

Back on the road (literally) for a hot, unpleasant slog before a bit of a reprieve in a reserve, then through an industrial estate with no trees or shade, another road leg, a bit more parkland and finally to the camp ground. All that bitumen is a killer and we both were feeling over it by the end.

We had booked a tent site, but luckily there was a cancellation and we were able to get a cabin. Just as we got our stuff inside it started to rain - thank you weather Gods for holding off!

My right leg is swollen again but used Nurofen as you can't buy magic pills over the counter in New Zealand.

Pigeon xx

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