Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Day 3 TA 48.5 to Hukatere Lodge (around the 70km mark) 21.5 km

 Very thankful that I hadn't been trampled I packed up, had a snack, deciding I would have breakfast later on. Following the wild horse tracks back out to the dunes, and then along the back of the dunes until I could find a way down. The dunes are quite massive and have crumbly cliff-like faces so it took me a little while to find somewhere I could bum slide down to the beach. It was another beautiful day and my legs felt good for the first 10kms where I stopped near a little creek and made some porridge. The next 10kms weren't so great - my right foot was sore (it had been swollen in the morning and it had been hard to get my shoe on) and now my left shin was hurting. That wasn't good - I've had shin splints before and I wanted to stop this one from getting worse. I had contemplated going further than Hukatere but my body was saying 'No way' - the hard surface of the beach was having an impact. Made it to Hukatere after a slight detour through the paddocks to avoid the electric fences and woke Jonah who was looking after reception. Camp? No thanks - this leg needed a bed. Jonah took me up to a cute little hut and helpfully cleaned up the sleeping bag and open packet of biscuits that were on the bed to make it ready for me. He did forget to sweep the crumbs off though! The shower was hot and made me feel so much better. Had a Nurofen and caught up on my journal. Feet are feeling happy.

Pigeon xx

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