Saturday, 14 November 2015

Day 12 - TA 293.5 km to Whananaki Holiday Park (TA 308km) - 15.5km

Thanks to Bob only a sort walk today. I was so thankful I didn't have to start the day with the climb up Webb Rd. Where we had camped was only a little more than a km from where the Morepork track enters the Kaiikanui Forest. I woke up early so packed up ready to go. I had slept pretty well although knee giving me grief at end of day. Heard kiwis last night which was cool to hear them in the wild.

Bob has said to keep an eye out for a house for a red roof which was near the trail head. When I got there, house was there sure enough but with a green roof - suspect our Bob was colour blind!

Off into the forest for a wee 13km jaunt before heading back onto the road to Whananaki. Good track for most of today. Lots of ups (Raynie pinches) and steep, steep downs but no mud. Even got some views for my efforts. Today was the the track of stiles which were all in various stages of wobbly, but I managed ( not too elegantly mind you) to get over all of them without tipping backwards. Got into Whananaki about lunch time - chocolate milk shake time!

Relaxing afternoon, shower, washing, post- birthday wine tonight with Alex and Hariett.


This little fellow was found on the trail by some Belgian walkers. He had worn his pads away. He was being looked after temporarily by a friend of the lady who owns the park - she called him TA which was just perfect. He  is a super little dog. I wished I could send him home to Pete. Apparently the lady at the Park knew the place where the puppy had 'escaped' from and they let their dogs breed indiscriminately and were generally neglectful. Fingers crossed he finds a forever home.

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