Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Day 25 - Into Auckland -about 9km

My feet were so sore yesterday that I had planned to catch a bus into Auckland, but it was a sunny morning and not too far to go so I pushed my still swollen feet into my shoes and headed off to Devenport to catch the ferry across. More little bays and more headlands. It was dog walking time and lots of people stopped to have a chat to me about where I was walking to and just about all of them told me I was amazing for doing it.
I don't feel amazing. I feel just like me.

I was chasing the feeling around that I was a little bit reluctant to get to Auckland so I found a park bench to sit with it for a while. I decided it was a mixture of things, not the least of which is I don't like cities much. But Auckland is like an ending in away, the end of the first part of the story where I was responsible just for me. Part two starts when Majella gets two Auckland and it becomes 'our' journey for a while. I guess I'm a bit anxious about it - Majella wouldn't be doing the trail if it wasn't for me and I know what the trail can be like.  I finally decided that the best we can do is just take it as it comes. I can't control what the trail has in store for us so no point worrying about what I can't control.

Had a coffee and then caught the ferry across to the city. Long walk to the backpackers - I think I'd managed to pick the one furthest from the city!

Washing done.

Waiting for Gel (Majella) to touch down.

Pigeon xx

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