Sunday, 22 November 2015

Day 22-23 - Rest days Orewa - Turn Around Points

Because of my strategic journeying I am ahead of my own schedule. I had a rest day in Orewa yesterday and caught up with Alex and Harriet (or more correctly they caught up with me). They were pushing through to Auckland today, but if I had done the same I would have got to Auckland 2 days before Majella flew in. Weather was meant to be good for today so I decided to take an extra day here and get a few things done like get my glasses fixed (they'd got caught on my pack and I'd broken the arm off) and go to Vodafone about the data for my IPad.

Spent a lot of today just kicking back reading a novel and took a couple of walks along the beach.

Orewa beach is a great walking beach- flat and firm - and you see lots of people taking a stroll both with and without a perceived purpose. It is covered in shells which crunch satisfyingly when you walk on them.

I was walking along the beach this afternoon and having an inner dialogue about whether I 'should' walk all the way down to the furthest tree or turn around at the tide marker. I was laughing to myself because it didn't really matter and I should just turn around when I wanted to.  I walked a bit further then turned around. An elderly lady was walking up the beach toward me and then, at no obvious end point that I could see, turned around and headed back. Everyone has there own turn around point.

And of course that made me think of the trail and the journey it's become for me. Like the beach, the turn around point, the point where I head back home is when the time is right for me - there are no shoulds.

Pigeon xx


  1. Loving your blog and your images, Pigeon. We curl up together and read your updates. We are traveling with you and are only a couple of days behind you! Thanks for letting us tag along. M&M

  2. Very Happy to have some of my favourite BAMS along - hope you are all keeping well and happy.

  3. Love that... every one has their own turn around point. Amen to that. Love your journey. K x