Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 10 - Paihia to Opua (TA 250) a huge 7km!!

Alex and Harriet walked through to Paihia yesterday so we caught up for a coffee this am before I headed around the corner to Opua. From Opua I had intended to take the car ferry across and walk around to where the TA starts again at Waikare landing (about 16km). Harriet said why don't we share a water taxi instead? Awesome idea -  only $30.00 each and will save time, feet, and energy. Even better they said that they can pick me up from Beachside Holiday Park where I am staying tonight. On the way to the track that leads around to Opua I came across another TA walker. Her name was Stevie and she was feeling a bit frustrated as she had planned to kayak Waikere Landing but the hire company wouldn't let her do it solo. I told her about the water taxi and asked her if she wanted to come along. Yep!  I told her I was walking around to Beachside Holiday Camp and that the taxi was going to pick me up from there. Stevie wasn't sure where she was going to stay the night but said she might catch me later.

I went on my way.  It was a lovely walk around the bay to the park - no mud in sight. My legs were protesting about having my pack on and I hadn't reloaded with food yet. Got to the park and, because the weather was looking iffy, decided to get a cabin (so cute). I picked up my supply box and ruthlessly went through it according to what I had and hadn't been eating (there was quite a pile of stuff that didn't make the cut so hopefully this will help with weight a bit). I was just packing it into my food bag when there was a knock at the door. Stevie had decided to join me. There was another bed in the cabin so it worked out well.

Because the TA trail in this section finishes where the ferry departs from I finished walking the trail to the ferry terminal ( just so I can tick that bit of the TA off). I could feel that there was inflammation in my right knee that I hadn't noticed yesterday. Magic pills required I think.

Spent the rest of the arvo chatting with Stevie - she is an experienced walker and has done the Appalachian Trail in the US. She has also been a trail leader and a trail builder so it was interesting to hear her perspective on the Forest tracks.

Just started to rain but only lightly. We don't want heavy rain as we have a river walk tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the rain to stop.

Pigeon xx

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  1. Happy birthday pigeon!! I'm busy painting giraffes .... long story. I've been thinking about you and sending you powerful leg vibes. I Hope that they arrived. It must be such a beautiful landscape you are walking through. Look after yourself.