Saturday, 21 November 2015

Day 20 - Pakiri to Puhoi Pub (TA 529) -lift to TA502 then 25km walk

Waved goodbye to Alex and Harriet and then sat around for the next couple of hours waiting for my ride.  I was still giving myself grief for skipping a bit, and then it would pour and I would think that I'd made a good call.

Christine arrived right on time and it was a quick journey by car to where I would pick up the trail again. It wasn't raining there and the clouds were quite high so fingers crossed  I started just across the road from the Dome Cafe, unusually with a road walk up a hill! Then onto a forestry road, bit of a bush bash, bit of a felled timber bash and back out on the road. Nice big hill for the middle of the route which was made more interesting because they had just done some work on the road and it was churned up with lots of loose dirt and rocks. The weather was holding and the sun was making a comeback so I wasn't wet with rain but I was sweating a river.

Stopped for a break and a wee. Just as I was doing my business, Siri goes off in my pocket 'Commencing face time with Peter Prammer'. What the?!  Now is NOT a good time for my phone to establish face time with my boss! Fumbled my phone out of my pocket and promptly dropped it - thank goodness for my Lifeproof cover.

Drama over I continued on to top of hill - only about 5 more km to the campsite where I had planned to camp. Of course when I got there the basic DOC camp on my map was even less basic (read non-existent) so I pushed on to Puhoi - wondering where I could stay. I walked into the town and found the pub. Old world, quirky decor, very cool.

Fish and chips for tea.

Pigeon xx

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