Thursday, 1 October 2015

1 October 2015 - 30 days to go to first step

Yesterday was my last day at work.
I now have about two weeks at home to get my self sorted, do a bit of walking and get my head in the right space before we fly to New Zealand.

Today's jobs:
Sewing up my shorts on the back seam and rear pockets. I obviously use the 'sit and slide' technique for descending quite frequently given where they were wearing.

Emailing Bivouac in Wellington to order some Back Country meals mainly for South Island so I can pick them up when we fly in.

Emailing my partner Pete to get him to print off the email, that I forgot to print, that I got from NZ Quarantine saying it was Ok to bring in some food, so I can give it to customs.

Cross checking trail notes against Kirstine's combined ones and just adding new bits.

Cleaning my shoes so they're Ok to bring into New Zealand.

Ditto my tent pegs.

Trying to cull some more stuff from my pack - lose a t-shirt; pack a smaller (no room for modesty) travel towel; and well really - just how many patches do I need for my thermarest?

(I seriously recommend practicing packing the gear you think you will bring. Then I recommend going out and buying some compression sacks so you can actually have a better chance of fitting the gear you want to bring in  your pack! Then put it on your back - carry it - apologise to your knees and wonder what on earth you were thinking,  get rid of stuff, then try again! Do this repeatedly.)

Spending time with my animals- just because.

Short walk - no load. My left knee is giving me grief following a bad foot placement descending steep stairs with a full load.  I am trying not to think about it too much. It is getting better - oh so slowly !

Pigeon xx

PS Got my palm read yesterday - apparently I won't die in New Zealand - well that's a relief...


  1. Hi Leslie, this is an amazing journey both you and Pete are on - its just that yours is a little further from home. At times you might post something in your blog and really hope that someone will read it, appreciate it and understand how you are feeling but there is no reply. I wanted to take this opportunity before you disappear into the wilds of NZ to let you know that I am and will be reading your blog and celebrating your good days and supporting you on your bad. Be safe in your adventures, Michelle & Michael xo

  2. Thanks heaps Michelle! Keep that rubber side down for me!