Sunday, 2 August 2015

It rained last night - 40mm in about 6 hours - so things are a little damp. The creek out the back is raging and the crossing is flooded. The planned Sunday 18km hike along the Googong foreshore didn't happen and, when there was a break in the weather, we settled for a 5km stroll, with the dog, on the range behind the house.

Today is the 2nd of August and that means only 3 months (92 days) until I start with my first steps at Cape Reinga in New Zealand's North. The beginning of my 3000km journey south to the Bluff at the bottom of New Zealand.  The Te Araroa trail - New Zealand's long trail, The Trail, the trail that, in a moment of madness, I said, "Yep, I'm gonna do that". Like you do. It makes me feel a little sick just thinking about it.

The hike along the foreshore was part of my preparation for The Trail, but today walking in the pouring rain didn't seem all that inviting. I've hiked in the rain before, I don't melt, I may get a little wrinkly, but I seem to be basically water resistant. Don't get me wrong, I quite like walking in the rain. I like how the bush smells, how the colours are more vibrant, how paths become creeks.

I just don't want days of it in New Zealand. So if you've decided to come on this journey with me (and I sincerely hope you do!), can we please cross our fingers for the weather that we need. Some blue skies and sunshine, a little rain to cool us off and to make the waterfalls tumble and maybe just a smidgen of snow on the ranges. Thanks for your assistance!

This is my first blog post of my first ever blog. I'm not sure how this story will pan out - whether it will even have the staying power to get to the end, but thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.

Tinder, Leslie, Pigeon, L.

PS If you are a details kind of being you can find out more about The Trail on this site:


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